Our Sustainability Vision

A Better Tomorrow

Our sustainability framework ‘A Better Tomorrow’ outlines our commitment to operating our business in a way that fulfils our mission of enriching lives, through our products, employment and through the way we interact with our communities and our environment.

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Our Focus Areas

We focus on four key pillars of Sustainability that guide the decisions we make.
By working on these focus areas, we aim to achieve our vision of sustainability of enriching the lives of our BEC family, our partners, the community and the environment that supports us.

  • Our BEC Family

    As a family business, it all starts with our people. This means ensuring a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace and providing opportunities and tools to enable personal growth and improved wellbeing.

    Initiatives in this area include the introduction of a staff sustainability training program, the launch of a new staff engagement platform, and supporting a range of programs with an emphasis on overall staff wellbeing (physical, mental and financial).

  • Our Partners

    Collaboration with our partners is essential in developing sustainable business solutions that benefit all parties.

    We aim to put in place the best approach to enhancing business resilience as well as improving our environmental impact through initiatives such as promoting sustainable packaging that supports a circular economy and the development of a Sustainable Agriculture Framework that covers animal health & welfare, traceability, modern slavery and the natural environment.

  • Our Community

    We believe we have a responsibility to assist in giving back and are committed to fostering partnerships and programs that aim to tackle inequality and disadvantage in our local community in Western Sydney.

    This includes the launch of our community grants program, involvement in active charity events, and a food donation program to provide one meal for every order we receive.



  • Our Environment

    Establishing sustainable business practices is essential in order to safeguard the future of the environment that our people, community and industry relies upon.

    We have undertaken audits to understand the impact of our operations. BE Campbell is working on reducing our organisation scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40 percent from our 2022 baseline by 2030. Our transition plan to deliver the carbon reduction includes a major refrigeration project.

    We continuously improve our use of energy and water and reduce waste to landfill. BE Campbell is a Sustainability Advantage member to collaboratively accelerate our initiatives.




  • As a family-owned business, we are passionate about providing meaningful and fulfilling careers to our people and ensuring they are cared for and supported. That’s why ensuring the wellbeing of our BEC Family is at the heart of this strategy.

    Following on from this, we also recognize that there is a need to work more collaboratively with our business partners on this journey and acknowledge the importance of giving back and supporting our local community in the process. This strategy outlines our approach to minimising our impact on the environment in which we live and depend on.

    Finally, overlayed is the need to ensure our business is sustainable from an economic perspective. Our initiatives will have the added benefit of providing growth, improving productivity, and building financial resilience.

    Through this strategy and our future sustainability initiatives, our goal is to create a positive legacy that enriches the lives of everyone who interacts with our company.

    – Ted Campbell


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