Speak Up

A Place to Speak Up

BE Campbell is committed to compliance with all laws, standards, regulations and with its own policies and procedures, setting a high standard of ethical behaviour and conduct across all business activities. BE Campbell supports a culture of ethical behaviour amongst all employees, officers, contractors and suppliers.

BE Campbell encourages the reporting of any circumstances where it is suspected that employees, officers, contractors and/or suppliers are involved in misconduct or improper state of affairs or circumstances (including illegal, unethical, corrupt or other inappropriate conduct). Such reporting assists BE Campbell in dealing with non-compliance and creating a culture of honest and ethical behaviour.

Click Here to review our Speak Up Policy & Procedure for further information on what it means to speak up.

Once you have reviewed the Speak Up Policy & Procedure, if you have any reasonable suspicion that an employee, officer, contractor, or supplier is involved in misconduct or unlawful behaviour, please complete the below form which will remain confidential in line with the Speak Up Policy & Procedure.