Graduate program

The BE Campbell Graduate program

Welcome to BE Campbell, a proud family owned business with over 50 year experience in the meat processing industry. At BE Campbell we are committed to ‘Enriching lives through wholesome food’. That is the foundation of the BEC Way. To get a sense of who we are and how we operate take a moment to hear our team members:


What our Graduate Program aims to achieve

At BE Campbell the work is exciting and the environment is high paced and challenging. We are looking for graduates who are inspired to learn, strive to reach their potential, adaptable, hard working and a team player.

The Opportunity

The graduate program is designed to enrich the lives of people who have recently completed, or are about to complete, a university qualification.

The graduate program aims to do this by:

  • Providing valuable, paid work experience aligned directly to the field of study;
  • Learn from skilled and experienced industry professionals;
  • Engaging with participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge to projects;
  • Providing ongoing educational and development opportunities;
  • Develop close working relationships with a range of staff across the business;
  • Develop an understanding of the FMCG and meat industry

The program is designed around you. ie: how you can get the best from the experience as well as how we can get the best from you. It will involve a number of rotations to different business units within your field of study. These rotations along with interactions across other areas of the business will support your understanding of the overall business operations as well as the specific profession that you have chosen.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for the Graduate Program you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be in your final semester of study or have completed an undergraduate degree (within the last 2 years)
  • Be able to commence work full-time from January 2022
  • Be an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian / New Zealand citizen as at the date of application
  • Be able to participate in all stages of the selection process
  • Possess a strong academic record – Credit average
  • Have a current NSW driver’s licence

Program Schedule

Our Graduate Programs commence in late January run from between 12 months – 24 months depending upon the stream that is being offered. (More detail on the length of each stream is under each of the stream descriptions)

Each stream has identified placements that you will rotate through as part of the program. Each placement is designed so that you are involved in the team and gain an understanding of day to day activity but you will also be involved in specific projects or initiatives that will support both the department and the business.

At the midway point of the program you will have an opportunity to reflect on the program to date and provide feedback to the business on your experiences. During this reflective process you will be required to assess your completion towards achieving the goals set at the commencement of the program.

At the end of the program there will be a more formal review of the your goals as well as a requirement to present to the Senior Leadership Team on your experiences in the program overall.

Program Support

There are multiple support measures provided to you throughout the program.

Program Coordinator – The Graduate Program is Coordinated through the Human resources Unit and has a dedicated Coordinator who will be your point of contact through out the recruitment, onboarding process as well as throughout each of the rotations and evaluation process. Basically they will there with you from start to finish. Their role is to ensure that the program runs according to the schedule and that you continue to develop and benefit from being involved the whole way through.

Program Mentor – The mentor will be a person from within the business who is not necessarily associated with the graduate program or any of your placements. They will be an experienced and supportive staff member who understands the business, is cognisant of the challenges that can arise in the workplace and can assist you with ensuring that your experiences are beneficial throughout the program.

Placement Supervisor – At each placement rotation there will be an identified person who will supervise you and provide guidance on tasks and activities to be completed, provide feedback and support your development. This may be the department manager or an experienced industry professional.

Graduate catch ups – At regular intervals through out the program there will be an opportunity for you to catch up with graduates from other streams. These will be arranged by the Program coordinator and will be an opportunity to reflect on experiences, build relationships and even resolve issues.

Our Streams

Would you liked to be involved in the process from mind to market in one of our teams including  IT, Engineering, Sales, Quality or Finance within a family owned and operated business? Then one of our graduate programs is just right for you!

  • Engineering

    Working across each manufacturing site you will be exposed to the level of impact that a maintenance and engineering team have on quality food production.

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  • Operational – Technical

    The technical stream exposes the graduate to the fundamental areas of food production including quality assurance, regulatory compliance, production and product development.

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  • Operational – Management

    If you are keen to kick start a career in managing manufacturing operations then this is the perfect stream for you.

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  • Supply Chain

    The graduate experience will ensure that you are exposed to the entire supply chain process from procurement through to distribution.

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  • Business

    The graduate experience will place you right at the front end of the business dealing with customers and the entire sales process across all channels.

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  • Finance

    The finance graduate can expect a broad yet detailed exposure to all aspects of financial management in a fast paced manufacturing business.

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  • Human Resources

    This is a wonderful opportunity to gain exposure to the full range of Human Resource functions.

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  • Information Technology 

    An emersive exposure to developing software and configuring systems for a manufacturing environment.

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