About Us

Our Values

With the focus to serve our purpose of ‘Enriching lives through wholesome food.’, we foster a collaborative and inclusive workplace culture built upon family values. They underpin everything we do at BE Campbell and how we work with our staff, suppliers and customers. They’re our commitment to you.

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    We’re Family

    We believe in a supportive workplace that values the individual

    Safety comes first, we think before we act.

    We treat each other with dignity and respect.

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    Stay Hungry

    We believe there is always room to improve.

    We realise the importance of feedback and collaboration

    We chase opportunities with purpose and passion.

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    Reputation Counts

    We believe lasting relationships are built on honesty and trust

    We understand the importance of upholding our commitments

    We consider wider impacts and act responsibly

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    Can Do

    We welcome challenges and embrace change

    We recognise that teamwork is the recipe to our success

    We are accountable for our actions and don’t pass the buck