Our Sites

Efficient processing sites located in Australia

We take pride in what we do and consider food safety a top priority – ensuring we meet the highest standards of hygiene, production and efficiency. We operate two sites located in Western Sydney.

Wetherill Park

Wetherill Park is our Head Office and pork deboning and processing plant. With a capacity to process 15,000 pigs a week, Wetherill Park is an industry leader in pork deboning, achieving high yield uniform primal cutting thanks to our state of the art SFK deboning system.

BE Campbell’s Wetherill Park processing plant has the following accreditations:

Arndell Park

Arndell Park is a further processing value added plant that has a processing capacity of approximately 400 tonnes per week. This is a multi faceted, multi-species processing facility with flexible capabilities in terms of processing and packaging.

BE Campbell’s Arndell Park processing plant has the following accreditations: