Premium juicy tender pork

Each Bruemar product is comprised of tender pork that takes the guesswork out of preparing juicy, flavoursome meals. Bruemar’s premium pork is sourced from a select group of Australian family-owned farms.

Retail Butchers

Developed especially for Retail Butchers, Bruemar Gold is BE Campbell’s speciality primary cuts range that is perfect for a family dinner or a special occasion. With a range that includes Pork Roasts, Belly, Tenderloins and Racks – your customers will not only love how tasty Bruemar Gold is but how easy it is to prepare.


Available in overseas supermarkets, our Bruemar Gold range offers easy-to-cook-packs in exciting and innovative flavour profiles. From succulent Loin steaks to flavourful Cutlets, our Export range promotes the superior taste and quality of Australian meat with families across the Asia-Pacific region.