Foodbank Donation

Yesterday we had the pleasure of donating over a tonne of meatballs, burgers, mince, steak, and sausages to Foodbank Australia. As Australia’s largest food relief organisation, we are proud to support its crucial role in supplying front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians.

Unfortunately, food insecurity continues to worsen – impacted by COVID related supply chain issues, natural disasters and increasing cost of living pressures.

◆ More than half of people impacted by severe food insecurity go a whole day every week without eating.
◆  Last year in Australia, one in six adults and over 2 million children have gone hungry.

As part of our Sustainability strategy, we aim to have a meaningful local impact with our donations to reach those in need and are looking to share more stories of donations to our partners. This is our largest external donation since the strategy was launched last year.