Bruce Edward Campbell Award – Winner 2021

As we miss another Christmas party this year, we got together in the office today and celebrated staff awards on a smaller scale. Given the year that we’ve all had it didn’t come as a surprise that there were so many worthy nominees for our Bruce Edward Campbell Award. The award recognise staff that have shown outstanding commitment to the BE Campbell Group and alignment to our business values throughout the yea

Congratulations to this year’s finalists, our winner Lawrence Montebello, and to everyone who was nominated! We appreciate your dedication and hard work, and acknowledge your contribution towards the success of the BE Campbell Group. We would like to extend the thank you to all our BEC family who supported us through another challenging year.

Bruce Edward Campbell was the original founder of BE Campbell and Ted’s late father. The BEC Way, and the values we have built this business on were largely thanks to Bruce’s influence on Ted and the way in which he operated as a businessman. It goes without saying that this award means a lot to the family and we always look forward to reading the nominations received for so many members of the team.