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What’s so special about Bruemar’s Pork

The Bruemar story has its roots in the fertile soil of the Southern slopes of New South Wales, where the Campbell family’s proud pastoral history dates back to 1860.

In 1969 Bruce and Marie Campbell, with over a hundred years of family experience on the land behind them, and heirs to this invaluable pastoral heritage, created B E Campbell, one of Australia’s largest family owned pork businesses.

To celebrate 40 years of Bruce and Marie’s original dream, and in keeping with their legacy of delivering only the best quality product to market, we are proud to introduce our “Bruemar” range of premium pork products.

Bruemar’s premium pork is sourced from a select group of small Australian family owned farms. These farms are managed by families such as; the Walker family from Young in NSW, the Hill family in QLD, and the Baks from SA to name a few, who pride themselves on best breeding practices and product quality control.

The Bruemar guarantee of quality – From the farm to the plate

Because we only select animals that meet our exacting standards - they must be young, grain fed, premium cross bred - chosen from our select group of family farms, we can guarantee consistant flavour, succulence, tenderness, texture and colour across the entire Bruemar pork range.

The Bruemar Pork range is available at your nearest Premium Butcher.


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